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Glory Morning Tours

Daily     : 7 hours
Time     : 09:00-16:00

This tour is created specially for those who have never been to Indonesia.
It provides a g;ance pf Indonesia, the history and the people.
This tour faturing the following objects and attractions:


This 132-meter-high column towering over Merdeka Squre is both Jakarta’s principal landmark. Topped by a glittering flame symbolizes the nation’s independence. The flame is glided with 35 kg of gold leaf.

The besement of the monument houses an exhibit of 48 dramatic dioramas depicting the history of Indonesia from prehistoric times to the present.


Stop and visit to one of the Batik shop in Jakarta to find Indonesian fine selection and interesting permanent exivition of BATIK, traditional cloath from Indonesia, in classic and modern designs.


An extensive theme park set in over 100 hectares on the outskirts of Jakarta; the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful in Miniature Park) is Indonesia’s answer to every visitor’s prayer to see the magnificent archipelago in just one day. All the Indonesian islands are realistically rep in miniature in a central lake and around the lake are pavilions to represent the 26 provinces in Indonesia. Each pavilion is reprenetative os each pronvince from the tradional architectural style in miniature to a wonderful display of cultaural items and exhibits.


Inside the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is Museum Indonesia, a three-story edifice in traditional Balinese architecture. The museum houses a vast collection of Indonesian contemporary arts and crafts. Tranditonal costumes from the various regions, puppets, musical instruments, masks, and daily life utensils.

Note: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is closed on Monday, instead a visit to Monument Pancasila Sakti at Lubang Buaya is made.

Kampoeng The Old Batavia

Daily     : 7 hours,  
Time     : 09:00-16:00

Jakarta began its history in the 14th century as a small harbor town and today become a bustling metropolitan ciaty. Old Batavia’s heart is in the “Kota” Jakarta with various blends of culture and traditions:


The National Museum, built in 1862, is the best museum in Indonesia and is reputedly one of the finest in Southeast Asia. The museum has an enormous collection of cultural objects of the various ethnic groups-costumes, musical instruments, model houses, numerous fine bronzes from the Hindu-Janese period, as will as many intrestion stone pieces salvaged from Central Java and other temples. There’s also superb display of Chinese ceramics dating back to the Han dynasty which was almost entirely amassed in Indonesia.

(Monday & Public Holiday closed. Visit the National Monument instead).


Glodok is the center of Jakarta’s Chinal Town. It is now banking, hawkers, trading and entertaiment center. Visit to Petak Sembilan Chinese temple dedicated to the Buddhist goddess of mercy, Kuan Yin. Built around 1650, it was on of the earliest center of worship for the Batavian Chinese.


In the 18th century, Kali Besar area was a very stylish residential neighborhood along The great canal of Ciliwung river. At the north end of the Kali Besar lays a small 17th century Dutch drawbridge, the last in the city, called the Kota Intan Drawbridge.


This 500-year-old harbor area was a vital link to the markets of the outside world for the 15th Century kingdom of Pajajaran. Since then this port has belonged to the Portuguese and Dutch. Thogh little remains of bustling old Sunda Kelapa except the name, the harbor is still one of the most important calls for sailing vessels from all over Indonesia. The magnificent and brightly painted Makassar schooner called Phinisi are still an important means of transporting goods to and from the outer islands. This one of the finest sights in Jakarta.


Built in the 16th century, the museum is housed in the old town hall of Batavia, which is probably one of the most solid reminders of Dutch rule to be found in Indonesia. It provides the historic background of Jakarta through a display of maps and antiquities, including furniture and porcelains. (Monday & Public Holidays closed. Visit the antique and flea market in jalan Surabaya instead).


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